Architecture, Urbanism & Cultural Programming
SVESMI is a Dutch-Russian office for architecture, urbanism and cultural programming based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and in Moscow, Russia.

SVESMI was founded in 2007 by architect Alexander Sverdlov and author/researcher Anastassia Smirnova, with the sole purpose of producing intelligent, integrated, and transformative designs. SVESMI deals with very diverse set of briefs, ranging from building design and urban planning, to research projects and curatorial programmes.

All SVESMI projects - whether a scheme for the reinvention of a municipal library system or an educational programme for an experimental school, a social housing project in the city centre or a public building in a small town - are based on a holistic, multidisciplinary thinking and a systematic approach. SVESMI team works for municipalities, educational institutions and private entities, helping its clients to formulate tasks effectively, while responding with drive and skills that only a flexible team of free-minded professionals can offer today.
28 January 2016
SVESMI wins competition for redevelopment of two Moscow movie theatres "Voskhod" and "Varshava"
Chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kouznetsov has announced at the press conference that SVESMI received the 1st prise for "Voschod" movie theatre and shared the 1st prise for "Varshava" with consortium EMBT | Enric Miralles - Benedetta Tagliabue/A2OM/Spektrum. It is the first large scale competition for architectural redevelopment of Soviet modernist buildings under the mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

The Communist state left us with an assortment of monumental cultural networks - systems of public libraries, houses of culture, local history museums and district movie theatres. SVESMI team focuses on rethinking of these socialist welfare systems and adapting them to future demands.

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