SVESMI is a Dutch-Russian office for architecture, urbanism, cultural programming and education based in Rotterdam and Moscow.

Architect Alexander Sverdlov and author/researcher Anastassia Smirnova founded it in 2007 with the sole purpose of producing intelligent, integrated, and transformative designs.

SVESMI constantly questions the role and capacity of the architectural profession in the era of fast-paced innovation and high velocity. Today an architect should be very proactive, see far ahead of his or her time to anticipate future needs and to purposefully shape how we are going to live tomorrow.

SVESMI loves systems and always works with complex connections, ties and relationships. All SVESMI projects – whether a scheme for the reinvention of a municipal library system or an educational program for an experimental school, a social housing project in the city center or a public building in a small town – are based on a holistic, transdisciplinary research.

In its everyday practice, SVESMI deals with the very diverse set of briefs, ranging from building design and urban planning, to research projects and curatorial programs. SVESMI collective approaches every job as a unique challenge and an exciting opportunity to develop the most dynamic and original concept that is not only effective today, but will evolve and improve over time.

SVESMI team works for municipalities, educational institutions, and private entities, helping its clients to formulate tasks effectively, while responding to the assignments with drive and skills, which only a flexible team of free-minded international experts can offer today.