SVESMI is a Dutch-Russian office for architecture, urbanism, and cultural programming. Office was founded in 2007 by Alexander Sverdlov (Architect) and Anastassia Smirnova (Stage designer) in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), with the sole purpose of producing intelligent, integrated, and transformative designs. After a series of projects in Russia, SVESMI has established a branch office in Moscow at the end of 2012.

SVESMI projects - whether a scheme for the reinvention of the municipal library system or an educational program for an experimental school, a social housing project in the city center or a public building in a small town - are based on a holistic, multidisciplinary thinking and a systematic approach.

SVESMI team works for municipalities, private entities, cultural, and educational institutions helping to formulate tasks effectively and puts together project briefs in close collaboration with a client.
SVESMI basics
We love systems and always work with complex connections, relationships, and networks.

We love architecture and understand it as an effective production of meaningful spaces.

Our work is research-based and is always defined by our proper knowledge of contexts.
We create new typologies that people will need in the near future but do not know about yet.
We rethink the existing fabric of cities and explore the possibilities to reuse and reprogram historically valuable structures.
We also turn obsolete offices, retail, and apartment buildings into spaces that attract attention: they become the new and unique hubs of urban activity.
We have a wide network of diverse experts both in Russia and in the Netherlands and can quickly assemble a highly customised international team with a knowledge and expertise of the local contexts in two countries.
We also pay special attention to the professional exchange between Dutch and Russian professional scenes, organising events, workshops, and educational programs to support a free flow of ideas and projects in both directions.
SVESMI acts as an architectural start-up: it initiates experimental projects and finds investors to support them at the later stages of the development.
Marc Ryan (Public Work) CA, Marieke Kums (MAKS) NL, IND NL, Nikita Tokarev/Arseniy Leonovich (Panacom) RU, Kees Christiaanse (KCAP) NL, Bart Goldhorn (ASNOVA), International New Town Institute NL, Crimson Architectural Historians NL, Andreas Huhn/Olga Aleksakova (Buromoscow) DE/NL, de Architekten Cie NL, Yuriy Grigorian (MEGANOM) RU, Peter Mensinga (ARUP Amsterdam) NL, Stephenson Bell Architects UK, Dooley Associates UK, Kayoko Ota JP, Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design RU, David Koezen (DALAB) NL, Boris Kupriyanov (Falanster) RU,
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