• Year: 2022
  • Location: ZILART, Moscow
  • Client: LSR
  • Status: Construction completed

“Amsterdam is a residential building in the largest developing complex in contemporary Moscow on the territory, which formerly belonged to an industrial complex of automobile factory.

Masterplan of ZILART developed by MEGANOM office envisages this area as a collection of rectangular plots, each marked by strong corner buildings with lower buildings of the perimetre.

The name Amsterdam” refers to the Amsterdam architectural school with its sophisticated shapes and intricate brickwork. In contrast to its rather neutral neighbours, this building has a more sculptural facade constituted by energetically protruding bay-windows. With its lounge ground-lobby  “Amsterdam” exudes the air of urban luxury, although the apartments it offers are relatively small and affordable.

The unorthodox facade arrangement presented a technical challenge to the construction company from the very beginning and the design has survived many iterations. What began as a semi-circular bay-window has developed into the multifaceted cylinder that makes the overall plasticity of the building even more nuanced and the facade more sculptural.