• Year: 2015
  • Location: Kazan RU
  • Client: Business Consult
  • Status: Design concept

A small plot in the very centre of Kazan city is flanked by two historical monuments, that limit the options for re-planning of the territory. Situated in the second row behind the line-up of traditional mansions, the plot is an ideal spot for a luxury family dwelling in clos proximity to all main urban attractions. In contrast to the rather sober city fabric, the “Orangery” housing block, that unites five houses and provides living quarters, spaces for business, large terraces and small gardens, creates a festival and fresh atmosphere akin to that of a botanical garden pavilion. 

Strong outer frame of the facade holds together the diversity of textures and an assortment of spaces and greenery. In summer, the building feels very connected to the green context, while in the cold and De dark season it works as a magic lantern in the stark contrast to its surroundings. Extrovert and transparent, “Orangery” propagates stylish and comfortable contemporary living for various family compositions and people of different interests and age.