• Year: 2018-2021
  • Location: Novosibirsk
  • Client: Brusnika
  • Status: Construction completed

“European riverfront” is a housing complex within the masterplan by KCAP in the northern city of Novosibirsk.


Initially planned as four buildings on a plinth, it was reinvented by SVESMI into one urban block with energetic and yet nuanced facades, connected by unique bridges-terraces.

The complex sits solidly in the landscape; each facade has a particular “relationship’ with the relief and touches the ground differently.

1. Plan of the elevated courtyard. Public space, entrances, private gardens.

2. Top floor level. 10 private patios are made on top of
the bridges.

On the urban level the building serves as a “key-stone” element of the entire district closing up the perspective of the larger block. The street facades are designed to catch and reflect the everchanging Northern light with large windows and balconies’ glass panels.

The courtyards, which can be entered through the arches under the bridges-terraces, are the islands of calm and
coziness. The facades here are more regular
and are adorned with orange elements to provide warm accents 
in the urban world of grey cold 

A small garden in the centre of the courtyard rhymes with individual green plots, that belong to the apartments
on the ground floor.

Bridges-terraces made of glass are the unique elements of the building that can be seen from afar. Becoming magic lanterns at night, they also could be turned into the roof gardens with greenery highlighting the top of the building. 

The ground floor on the street side is occupied by stores and cafes, creating a ribbon of flickering lights.

Photo: Dmitriy Chebanenko, Valeriy Kostyunin, Maxim Loskutov