• Year: 2013
  • Location: Moscow RU
  • Client: Dutch-Russian Culture Year
  • Status: Realised exhibition

This exhibition, curated and designed by SVESMI, has been part of the Russian- Dutch Culture year and elaborated upon the development of library spaces in the Netherlands.
The exhibition 
played the role of an embassy of theDutch conceptual and entrepreneurial spirit with the series of energetic local events, such as public readings, discussions, meetings with the writers and lectures by the Dutch and Russian librarians/curators. 

Projects by Dutch architects and designers who worked for various libraries in the Netherlands and beyond (for instance, Rem Koolhaas, Winnie Maas, Joep Van Lishout and members of the Droog Design collective), – were shown either as photographs
or models 
in the Dostoevsky library in Moscow. In addition to design and architectural projects, SVESMI created a number of art installations and videos for adults and children, elaborating on the role of books and reading
in contemporary 
urban world.

This combination of Dutch design, art, architecture and conceptual thinking with the Russia-oriented literary programme created a unique atmosphere, turning this exhibition into the temporary space/ event for education and leisure: the true Meeting point.