• Year: 2016 - 2018
  • Location: Moscow
  • Client: Polytechnic museum
  • Status: Suspended

Situated in the very centre of Moscow, the large-scale complex of the main scienti c museum of Russia is undergoing
the transformation according to the strategic scheme by
the Japanese 
architect Junya Ishigami. SVESMI was invited to
re-design a 
collection of inner spaces, including educational labs, infrastructural connecting spaces and recreational areas as well as an event hall and the science library.

Educational labs.

For a few months SVESMI team has been working in close partnerships with the lab directors, creating spaces both inspiring and safe for experiments in physics, biology, chemistry & robotics. The broad range of specific requirements has been processed by the designers, which resulted into highly customised space, lighting, storage, and furniture design for children and young adults.
The atmosphere of the educational lab is serene and timeless;
it allows for focused 
work and is, at the same time, accentuated with the small playful elements.