• Lead: Anastassia Smirnova SVESMI
  • Tutor: Kuba Snopek
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Moscow RU

Between ‘Existenzminimum’ and ‘Existenzmaximum”: what are the criteria for a new paradigm of dwelling? The eight projects and the study of Moscow within the Garden Ring our studio began with, are centred on several concepts students have detailed in the process. 

Mobility, accessibility of information, openness of resources, diversity of services and amenities, flexible and diverse patterns of use, temporary property, balance between the collective and the individual, insubstantiality and transparency of boundaries, strengthening of horizontal connections to the detriment of vertical ones – all these topics have been addressed in the studio work.

While researching their topics of interest, the authors of the projects have attempted to make their own suggestions in anticipation of the new paradigm — some of them concerning mere particulars, some of a greater scale but all undoubtedly charged with the energy of experiment.