• Leads: Winny Maas
  • Tutor: Alexander Sverdlov
  • Year: 2011
  • Location: Delft NL

As a result of demographic and economic forces, cities in Asia are undergoing rapid change. Traditional urban villages, which formed the core of the cities for centuries, are being replaced at a merciless pace by uniform tower blocks. In tracking the development of nine very distinct Asian cities, this research provides insight into the evolution, current situation, and future of these urban villages. From here, we developed an alternative: The Vertical Village.

The Vertical Village is a vision of a bottom-up residential development, which evolutionary grows and changes over time.
It aims to combine the freedom of 
suburban architecture and the social coherence of village life with the density of the city.

The  1rst stage of project was developed in a series of research endeavours, design studios and workshops in Delft, Rotterdam, Taipei and Taichung. It led to the publication “The Vertical Village” and the exhibition with the same name, which was on show at the Chung Shan Creative Hub,
in Taipei, Taiwan between 
October 8th 2011
and January 8th 2012.

TU Delft studio tutored by Alexander Sverdlov resulted into a design exploration of the new patterns of habitation in a high-rise dwelling which is being constructed out of individual and unique living cells. Students worked with large-scale models, the creation of which has been video-documented and has become a plot for the short movie.