• Year: 2016
  • Location: Moscow RU
  • Client: ADG Group, in collaboration with the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow City
  • Partner: David Koezen, Malishev Engineers
  • Status: 1st prize International Competition

This competition was organised at the moment when Moscow municipality has transferred some of the city cinemas, that constituted the former socialist system of district cinemas, into the private ownership of the ADG group. The brief invited architects to think about new functions and the new image of the building.

For Varshava theatre, that is situated in one of the more prosperous areas of Moscow, SVESMI proposed a concept called “The Games of Exchange”. The project proposes to return to and enhance the modernist glory of the building, stripping off all the latest layers and expanding the glazing area of the facade by adding height to the building. The design introduces entrances on two levels of the building (the 1st and the 3d) which are connected by elevators, escalators, and a ramp.

The luxurious food court occupies the indoor plaza on the first level with restaurants and cafes positioned on the balconies above it, invoking the set up of the traditional theatre.
The project 
also preserves the original function of the building, but makes the new cinema hall smaller: it is suspended over the market space and also works as a connecting ramp. 

The third floor hosts social functions with an emphasis on programs for children and cheaper retail. Thus, although the new centre exudes the air of luxury and urban chic, it remains democratic and attracts various social and age groups of visitors.