• Year: 2016
  • Location: Moscow RU
  • Client: ADG Group, in collaboration with
    the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow City
  • Partner: David Koezen, Malishev Engineers
  • Status: 1st prize International Competition

The Voshod cinema belongs to the system of district cinemas built during the Soviet time.
The competition for its reorganisation has been announced when some of cinemas were sold by Moscow municipality to the private company ADG group. 

Voshod is situated in a poor and relatively unpopular microrayon of Moscow with a stark absence of public space and basic services, especially in cold seasons. The building has been empty for decades and its very mediocre architecture suffered from neglect.

SVESMI project proposes to turn this dull and “blind” parallelepiped into a cultural and convenience centre for the neighbourhood with a local food market as its new core function.

The budget food market, occupying the ground floor of the building is surrounded by perimetral “barcode” of small stores and services. On the second floor, restaurants and cafes occupy the balconies overlooking the market space. The compact lobby connects this level with a multifunctional hall, where a broad ranges of activities could be organised – from film screenings and workshops to community gatherings and festival events.

The territory around the cinema is designed to accommodate various activities and an open air bazaar with a small amphitheatre for culture programs.