• Year: 2016-2018
  • Location: Moscow RU
  • Client: State Polytechnic Museum
  • Status: Design concept

The large-scale courtyards of the Polytechnic museum will be covered by the glass roof and reconstructed into impressive indoor public spaces as part of the current museum transformation. This creates an opportunity to explore the new type of space in-between the buildings – an exterior interior.

The Southern courtyard will be turned into the kid’s world with the large educational installation-exhibition in the middle of it. SVESMI concept WUNDERKAMMER refers to the cabinets of curiosity or wonder rooms – an arrangement that came to life in the Age of Discovery. In the spirit of those collections of rare finds from exotic countries that were shown in the open casts, SVESMI mounts giant shelves around the central pavilions and arranges the objects from the museum’s collection on various podiums in mind-blowing constellations.

On this and the next pages different options for structures are explained: more solid and self-sufficient, even without objects, next to more diversified and ephemeral. Various parts of the installations are designed for specific age-groups and present objects that are interesting for kids at particular stages of development. The structures are object-specific and their compositions are based on the proper understanding of weak and strong aspects of the existing collection. Some shelves remain empty awaiting for the next additions; and this is a promise that the WUNDERKAMMER will always be an ever-changing, exciting living organism.