SVESMI is an experimental architectural office for architecture, renovation and cultural programming.
SVESMI was founded with the sole purpose of producing intelligent, integrated, and transformative designs.
About our place and mission
SVESMI office specializes in rethinking of the existing fabric of cities, exploring the possibilities of reuse and reprogramming of historically valuable structures along with those that are considered less significant and culturally relevant.

SVESMI was founded in 2007 by Alexander Sverdlov and Anastassia Smirnova in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our office deals with very diverse set of briefs, ranging from building design and urban planning, to research projects and curatorial programs. After a series of projects in Russia, SVESMI branch office was established in Moscow by the end of 2012.
We love to work in multidisciplinary teams with complex connections, relationships, and networks. In the office we also pay special attention to the professional exchange between Dutch and Russian professional scenes, organising events, workshops, and educational programs to support a free flow of ideas and projects in every direction.

Anastassia Smirnova
Founding Partner
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